“Transcontainer” Portal complex of solutions, providing services for registration of transportation and commercial documents developed in collaboration with “AED Rail Service” company for “Transcontainer”.

“Transcontainer” Portal allows to:

  • Create  unified information space for “Transcontainer” and its partners: cargo owners, forwarding agents, transportation companies, custom brokers, custom authorities, divisions of “Russian Railroads” etc.;
  • Create through information technology for cargo transportation, including international transportation between EU and China;
  • Form transportation, commercial and custom documents;
  • Realize electronic document circulation for container transportation;
  • Realize integration and collaboration of “Transcontainer” Portal with the systems of its partners;
  • Support of information security.


  • Increase in reliability and economic efficiency of transportation;
  • Transportation organization and realization become more transparent;
  • Increased efficiency and validity of decision making;
  • Decrease of costs, elimination of additional costs, ability to plan expenses beforehand;
  • Increase of personnel productivity and efficiency;
  • Availability of up to date information on transportation in real time;
  • Decrease of “human factor” negative influence on forming the documentation;
  • Ability to reuse information for forming new documentation packages.


The system is realized as multi-level Java application, developed in accordance with industrial Java architecture (Java 2 Enterprise Edition – J2EE), for relational Data Base Management System ORACLE under management of ОS Linux.