BusEurope.eu – integrated Internet based ticketing and booking System that interacts with the ticketing systems of participating Coach Operators. The System was developed with consideration of the steady growth of the European coach transportation market, and with the consideration of the new demands of Coach Operators, Passengers and Coach Terminals that arise from this growth.

Benefits for participants:

  • Extended presence on the European market;
  • Increased visibility of your brand;
  • New distribution channel;
  • Increased number of coach transportation passengers;
  • Cutting edge technology to promote your services;
  • New class of customers – trend setters;


  • I can loose passengers loyal to my brand!

BusEurope.eu explores new cluster of passengers. Loyal passengers will continue to purchase tickets via your established distribution channels.

  • I don’t want to support my competitors!

You do not support your competitors; you do not spend any resources on the development of their business. At the same time you support coach transportation industry development as a whole, and increase it’s share in overall passenger transportation. Thus increasing numbers of your passengers.

  • I’ve spent a lot of resources to establish my brand and website and I don’t want to lose this advantage!

BusEurope.eu does not act as a substitute of your brand, but to offer your services under your brand as an agency.


The system is realized as multi-level Java application developed in accordance with industrial Java architecture (Java 2 Enterprise Edition – J2EE), for RDBMS ORACLE on the LINUX platform.