Our Process


Development Methodology

Depending on project objectives, complexity level and customer specific requirements we select the most suitable method to deliver faster and better results.
SWD Factory has hands own experience in working with established proven software development approaches, both in Waterfall and Agile methodologies.


 Agile methodology

Agile is appropriate when development needs to be able to respond to changing requirements rapidly and effectively. Agile is more appropriate when the goals of projects are not clearly defined. Agile is regarded as the better option for smaller projects where changes are likely to be made during the development process.

Advantages of Agile

  • Promotes experimental software design
  • Conducive to teamwork oriented environments
  • Flexible design model
  • Promotes adaptive planning and evolutionary development
  • Facilitates interaction and communication – collaboration


 Waterfall methodology

Waterfall tends to be best for static projects, where it’s not likely that many changes will be made throughout the development process.


Advantages of Waterfall

  • Time and budget estimates are more reliable
  • Development processes tend to be more secure