PVFast – technical engineering solution that allows to automate solar power systems design process. This solution functions as AutoCAD add-on. System is developed in collaboration with SunPower Corporation.

Main functions:

  • Automation of different types of solar panels layout, considering electrical and technical connection rules of separate elements
  • Calculation of wind stream’s influence on the system that is currently in design and calculations of the necessary additional load for each solar panel
  • Calculation of the average productivity of the system as a whole and of every panel separately, depending on geographic position, meteorological conditions, and influence of the nearby objects on the solar panels
  • Calculation of the expenses for construction of the real system on the basis of the projected system.

Main users of the system are designers and engineers who are forming projects of solar power systems and solar power plants.

The solution is also actively used by the employees of sales and marketing department for fast calculations of the expenses to the capacity ratio for the future system

After implementation of the solution the time spent for completion of the single project – from design to constructing a real system- decreased by 30%. This solution is not only a part of the whole process, it became the core of the processes in the company.

System simplifies designer work significantly and reduces time spent on a project considerably. After solar panel correct placing control subsystem was implemented the number of mistakes made by designers was reduced in several times, thus improving quality and efficiency of the solar systems.

Friendly user interface allows the system to be simple and flexible, thus refining the designer’s work

The system is realized on Microsoft .NET platform in accordance with SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Architecture. Client part is realized as AutoCAD add on.